Every year we support a charity!
When people come to our workshop it is our goal to make them not only SING but to FEEL the msuic and more so UNDERSTAND and this is what we do on the outside as well.

Once a year we support/give to a charity that is not supported by the government. We seek to look at all charities that help others in leading a better life!

If you know of a charity for the 100%workshop to support,
PLEASE share with us. At the end of the year we give a donation to the charity!

As we are blessed we are also blessing!
We you’ve been blessed…it feels like HEAVEN!

Founder and Leader
Ingrid Arthur

So far we supported:

There can be no great discoveries and advances, as long as there is one unhappy child on earth.

Albert Einstein (1879–1955, Nobel Prize Laureate)