I can remember when, I relied on my friends. Here’s a good thing I found,
Jesus never let me down!!!


to go with Him all the way!!

We are always excited and eager to spend one full week with you!!
We have all experienced things on this year and probably still going through…
We, 100% want you to be ENCOURAGED!

Blessings and more Blessings!!


Ingrid Arthur

I was reading an email from one of the Dream Team and in giving info that she shared with us, she also spoke on how BLESSED she was in the start of the New Year.

It was clear that we are all experiencing a NEW GROWTH that will help us to continue in this journey we call LIFE!!!

It’s giving us a new strength, boldness to step up and out and I am loving it!!!!! 

We pray you are keeping well!

Our guest is Mr. Bernard Brown Jr. from South Carolina. Having already worked with him with the Gospel Voices of America, I am excited to have him help lead the workshop!

Our theme is Psalm 34….it is full of so much of what the Lord is instructing us to do….O Taste And See! PSALM 34