100% gospel e.V.

by Ingrid Arthur

music speaks louder than words...

Ingrid Arthur makes a strong statement about the power of music and is committed to bringing that message to the world. Her philosophy, “Music speaks louder than words,” is a call to use music as a tool for understanding and change.

when i heard gospel for the first time

Ingrid’s (soul singer, former singer of the “Weather Girls”) heart project the “100% Gospel Workshop Berlin” started in November 2007.

As Workshop Choir Leader, Ingrid Arthur rehearses gospel songs with up to 100 singers, some of whom are singing gospel for the very first time, along with well-known musicians.

With the support of the choir directors, most of whom have traveled from the USA, people of all ages learn gospel songs over the course of a week with great dedication and joy and present them in incredible concerts.

The workshop is financed by a cost contribution from the participants, voluntary donations and private funds from Ingrid Arthur.

Charity & Support

Every year we support a charitable institution!

You come…. sing…. feel….. and understands what music & gospel does to us.

It connects and brings us together and so we support a charitable organization that helps others live a better life.

If you know of such an organization that the 100% Gospel Workshop could support, please contact us. We are happy to give the donation here at the end.

If we are blessed, we also bless others... it feels like heaven again!

Gospel Workshops

Gospel workshops help preserve and celebrate the tradition and history of gospel music, which has its roots in African American culture and Christian faith. Whether they are concerts, festivals or educational events, they provide an opportunity to spread and share the message and beauty of gospel music.

We offer you the opportunity to improve your musical skills, share your love of music, and connect with other like-minded people.